Chicago Parking Meters’ Rates Rise 2011

Two years ago metered street parking in the Loop, was $3 per hour and as little as 25 cents an hour for some neighborhoods.  The recent increases make street parking in the loop $5 an hour.  There are three zones for Chicago parking meters.

These are the new rates

Zone 1 – Chicago Loop -$5 an hour

Zone 2 – North Ave, Halsted, Roosevelt Borders – $3 an hour

Zone 3 – Everwhere else, $1.50 an hour

Chicago Parking Meter Map

Official rate changes go into effect January, 2, 2011.  However, Chicago Parking Meters LLC stated it could take over a month for all the rates to change at all the pay boxes.  These changes effect approximately 36,000 spaces.

Keep watch as the Loop rates are set to rise to $6.50 an hour by 2013.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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  2. Barry   •  

    This is great, and very informative about different parking situations within the City of Chicago. Well done, sirs. I have all the information that I need in this one location.

  3. Barry   •  

    Isn’t it crazy that we can’t even use cash to pay at these “Pay For Park”???

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