12 Collaborative Consumption Websites

Collaborative Consumption

Collaborative consumption is a novel idea that has taken hold.  It’s a model of consumption based on sharing of goods, information, and resources.  Many companies are facilitating this and making it easier to share things like cars, clothes, tools, toys, parking spots, and even experiences. Rachel Botsman is the pioneer of the this collaborative consumption movement.


Have you ever purchased an expensive tool or piece of equipment that you never use? Have you ever needed to use something that you wish you had? OhSoWe brings neighborhoods together and facilitates collaborative consumption locally among people in your neighborhood. This can be be sharing of equipment, food, transportation, yard or handy work or pretty much anything you can think of. OhSoWe brings neighbors together and encourages local collaborative consumption.


AirBnb allows you to rent out your spare room or entire house or apartment, per night to travelers coming through your town. Instead of booking a night in a hotel, you can rent from a local. You can often find much better deals than browsing hotel listings. People have ratings and you can see what people have said about each person and place. Those renting out their rooms make extra money and in some cases even more than they pay in rent!


Have unwanted kids clothes and toys that your child has grown out of or doesn’t use anymore? List them on ThredUp and sell them for cash. You can also browse listings of others and purchase them yourself. This is one giant garage sale meets ebay meets amazon in this friendly and easy to use marketplace.


Have a parking spot that you don’t use all the time? List it on SpotHero and make extra cash from your parking space when your car is not parked there. Reserve your parking ahead of time by renting other individuals’ parking spots or from a nearby commercial parking garage.


Order a meal online from a professional chef! Hungry, but too tired to cook? Why not collaboratively consume the skills of a professional chef? You would otherwise have to go to a restaurant or cater for tons of people. Food is delivered to your door and you can browse tons of delicious and healthy gourmet meals.
Munchery Meals From Gourmet Chefs


Tripping is a global community of travelers. When you’re traveling to another city you can stay for free with a local host! Tripping is so much more than a free night. It’s a cultural exchange and the chance to experience the city you’re traveling to through the eyes of a local. You can host other international travelers and enjoy cultural exchange right in your hometown.


A beautiful way to swap books that you’ve read with other books you’d like to read. Have a lot of books that are just sitting and collecting dust? List and mail those books to those eager to read them. Earn points so you can get the books that you yourself are eager to read.


Your car sits idle most of the day. Why not rent it out to others and make extra cash from an asset you already own? Getaround makes this easy with their system. Insurance is covered, and by crowdsourcing people’s cars instead of owning the cars themselves, this service can be utilized anywhere, not just in dense urban areas.


Have unoccupied desks or office space? Kodesk allows you to rent the extra space out to others that wouldn’t necessarily spring for an entire office. Kodesk has peer to peer office sharing across many counties including the United States, Canada, Spain, France, China, Singapore, and Peru.


Vayable provides collaborative consumption of unique travel information and experiences. Have skills, information, tours, or the ability to provide a horseback riding or canoe trip? Make extra money by becoming a tour guide in your own city. Share you knowledge with other travelers. Those traveling to another city or country can enjoy amazing experiences provided by locals. This crowdsourcing of travel experiences is a refreshing alternative to the usual tourist packages.


Zaarly let’s you crowdsource anything. You can buy and sell goods and services from those around you. Make extra money by fulfilling people’s requests or you can have your requests fulfilled by listing what you want, and naming the price you’re willing to pay.


This is a crowdsourced marketplace for experiences. Check out what’s available in your city and share in the knowledge, skills, or experience of others. Billed as the AirBnb of experiences, Skyara has a plethora of interesting experiences available. Have an experience to offer? Offer it and make some money doing just that.


Wedding dresses are expensive and they usually only get used once. Why not rent out that expensive dress you own to other couples? If you’re getting married you can save money and get that perfect designer wedding dress for much cheaper than if you were going to purchase it outright.

I know, there are 13 websites listed here. Just trying to see if you’re paying attention 🙂

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  1. Mark   •  

    Hi Vezance, Couchsurfing is an amazing service that has been around much longer. Tripping is relatively new, yet has exploded in growth recently. Besides the UI, Tripping has a much better back bone in terms of technology, they have been built on making a safer community. Tripping is an awesome since it provides another Global travel community. This competition forces both travel communities to be that much better. They also are having a contest to win a free trip around the world.


  2. Jen   •  


    Another online social collective that is based upon sharing time, help and knowledge with your communities is FavorTraders.com. I think this movement is amazing and enables people to realize what wonderful resources are around us. I cannot wait to see the impact on community development.

  3. Kristian   •  

    In Scandinavia we have a cultural tradition that is very much in harmony with collaborative consumption. Some of these collaborative consumption websites you list I know well. For example, Tripping I know is very clean in its UI and emphasizing safety. It seems smaller than others, but I think that is because it is very much younger and even just since I joined seems to be expanding significantly. Other sites I know not so well like Vayable. I will check it out and many of the others as well. Thank you Mark for a great list.

  4. Jason   •  

    I enjoyed your list and would like suggest an addition, called WebThriftStore. WebThriftStore enables to accept in-kind donations without the costs and inefficiencies of operating physical thrift stores. http://www.webthriftstore.com/

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  6. Lisa   •  

    Great list. I would like to suggest here a service called WeGoLook.com. WeGoLook is an innovative online service that taps the power of crowd to get all types of physical onsite inspections done .

    Users/Businesses can hire over 7,000 nationwide “Lookers” (onsite inspectors) to go anywhere in the USA to inspect a product, person, place or thing. Customers can have someone verify/inspect before buying a product.

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