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Free United Center Parking – Chicago Bulls Chicago Blackhawks & Events

Parking at United Center for a game or concert doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of opportunities for free and discounted parking around the ‘Madhouse on Madison’.

If you don’t want to chance not getting a free parking spot, you can easily reserve a spot in advance with SpotHero. SpotHero is a parking reservation app that lets you reserve spots in advance in lots and garages, which is often a discount price to the drive-up rate.

Below are three options for discounted and free parking at United Center.


1) Free United Center Parking – Street Parking

If you’re looking to score free United Center parking, you can try getting free parking on the streets surrounding the arena. Just be aware that street parking will be hard to find during concerts and games, especially due to new parking restrictions that went into effect in early 2017.


During events, free United Center street parking is now restricted to residents in an expanded zone around the United Center. Street parking is prohibited on city streets in the area bound by Lake St to the north, Ashland Ave to the east, Jackson Blvd to the south, and Western Ave to the west. Violators will be ticketed.
The map below shows the new restricted parking zone surrounding United Center.

United Center Street Parking Map – Restricted Zones

free parking united center map restricted zone

Source: DNAinfo.com


2) United Center Parking Reservations

With free United Center parking being nearly impossible to find, you can reserve a spot ahead of time to avoid the stress of parking. When you reserve discount parking near United Center with SpotHero, you can compare different spots and rates. The best thing is you’ll know exactly where your spot is and what you’ll pay.

united center parking reservations

Below are three top locations to find discounted United Center parking:

1) 124 N Damen Ave – Lot

5-minute walk to United Center

Parking rate: $20 for all United Center events – specify your date and time

Note: Event rates may vary


2) 1640 W Jackson Blvd. – Garage

10-minute walk to United Center

Parking rate: $9 for all United Center events – specify your date and time

Note: Event rates may vary


3) 1709 W Madison St. – Lot

7-minute walk to United Center

Parking rate: $22 for all United Center events – specify your date and time

Note: Event rates may vary


You can also search for United Center parking by choosing an event below.


3) Official United Center Parking

United Center has a few official parking lots with rates between $22-40. Some important rules to know for parking in the official United Center parking lots include:

  • No in/out or re-entry privileges allowed
  • No overnight parking allowed unless pre-approved
  • No solicitation

Please note that you cannot reserve specific parking spots and that all prices are subject to change without advance notice.


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  1. Barry   •  

    This is great to know. I had always been going to the $20 lots, with the con man in the orange vest running it like a Shmo. Those lots are not even that close to the United Center, anyway, so I’m glad that I have a much better alternative.

  2. julie   •  

    I’ve parked outside of the united center for a concert for free before. But then I saw a woman who lived there come outside to find her windows broken. I then walked around the block and moved my car into the united center’s parking lot. Obviously this could happen anywhere but much of the surrounding area is dangerous…

    • Mark   •     Author

      You are right, there is a risk of parking on the street. The area has gotten much better over the past 5 years and definitely in the last 10 but is by no means “a great” area.

      Parking on the street is definitely “at your own risk” like it is in any area. For the duration of the games, it seems there is an elevated police presence on the streets which is some consolation, but anything is possible. I just had a bunch of my friends park last night at the corner of Washington and Wolcott for free. (That’s my tip for best free parking on the map). Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed the concert.

    • Keith   •  

      The lot attendants don’t protect your car. If you read the signs as you enter the lot, it’s just as likely someone will smash your car in the lot as on the street.

  3. Jeremy   •     Author


    This is a great point your bring up. They are there only to funnel you in like cattle and it is park at your own risk. Hopefully it wasn’t your car that was damaged!

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  8. Anthony   •  

    Depends on the lot, I used to park at the ‘SCAM’ lot, advertise $18 then pull in and they say blocked in, which is jammed in, or $25 easy out. I came out just before the game started to see one of their guys checking door handles, he said he was security. I have never parked there again. The ‘Official’ lots at least have security guards walking around.

    • Mark   •     Author

      Anthony, there are many different pay lots, some much better than others. You bring up a good point here about many of the pay lots. How cars are just jammed in and blocked by other cars and that it’s difficult getting out of the lot when leaving a bulls game or blackhawks game.

      Someone can “check door handles” whatever part of the city you are in. If you park anywhere you should check to make sure your car is locked and that no valuables are left on the seat.

      The map we provide here is for free street parking options. If someone feels more comfortable with a pay lot, that option exists also. We aim to provide the information on free parking in the area, so someone can make a parking decision as best they see fit.

      • Anthony   •  

        For me, leaving my car on the street to save $20 just isn’t worth it. Now, if my car is worth less than $20, then thats a different story. After seeing what I saw from the scam lot employee, I certainly won’t risk just leaving it unattended on the street. I guess the piece of mind knowing that at least the Official lots have roving patrols helps. Thanks for the info on the free parking.

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