Monthly Parking Rates: The Breakdown

A good monthly parking spot has the power to bring a significant convenience to your everyday life. But finding the perfect spot can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start.

The first step is understanding what kind of monthly parking rate works best for you. We’re breaking down the different monthly rate options here for you so that you can get back to not thinking about parking.

  1. Daytime Only Parking

    – Park near work during the day, get home in time for dinner. $$

  2. Nights Only Parking

    Ideal for city dwellers who commute to the suburbs or outskirts. Sleep with your car parked downstairs, laugh at all the people sitting in traffic on your way to and from work. $

    Useful tip: There’s also daytime only and nighttime only, plus 24/7 options during weekends.

  3. 24/7 Regular Parking

    Day or night, never worry about finding a parking spot. $$$

  4. Storage

    Perfect for vehicle owners that don’t often drive. Keep in mind that though this is a lower rate, you will have limited access to your car. $

  5. On-Demand Valet

    Schedule a valet service to pick up your car from either a designated location or wherever you happen to be. A valet driver will park you car in a lot until you are ready to have it dropped off at your convenience. $$

  6. Motorcycle/Bicycle

    Bikes and motorcycles need homes too. You can park your two-wheel traveler any time with this rate. $

Additonal Fees

  1. Oversize

    This rate typically has an extra fee added on to one of the first three options listed. Not all extra fees are created equal. Shop around to find a rate that works for you. $

  2. Exotic

    Don’t want your classic or exotic vehicle to mingle with all the normal cars? This rate involves an extra fee tacked on to the top three monthly parking choices listed. $$$


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