Parking in Wrigleyville for Cubs Games

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Do you live near Wrigley Field?  Do you own a parking spot?  Many people rent out their parking spot or garage space for Cubs Games.  At 81 home games and prices ranging from $20 to $50 a spot, the money can add up quickly.  Because of this, selling your parking space for a game is nothing new.  People stand on street corners holding signs and wave people into their parking space.  There are many people who live right near Wrigley Field, but are unable to rent out their parking space(s) for Cubs games because they don’t have time to stand on a corner and hawk their parking spot.  They simply just don’t have the time.  Some residents have neighbors sell their spot for them.  Since these hard working residents have to spend multiple hours over the course of the season on the street selling spaces, they can charge 50% to compensate them for their time.  This makes sense because the owner of the parking spot would have gotten nothing had their neighbor not sold the spot for them.  However, with SpotHero, the owner of the parking spot can get much more since we only take a 15% commission + 99 cent fee.

Sell your parking spot for Wrigley Field During Cubs Games

Additionally, there are some concerns from buyers trying to park in the Wrigleyville area.

  • How do you know the person you paid cash to is the true owner of the parking spot?
  • If your car gets towed because you parked where you shouldn’t have even though you paid someone you are “out of luck”.
  • Parking is expensive and there is no way to know ahead of time how much it costs.
  • During cubs games, the neighborhood is crowded so spending time cruising around looking for a parking spot can make you miss part of the game.

SpotHero allows you to rent out your parking spot with an easy to use online system.  List all games for the entire season with the simple click of a mouse.  If you have a spot near Wrigley Field and are interested in listing it, please email or list your Wrigleyville Parking here.

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