1776 Tech Incubator Opens in DC

Spin off of Chicago’s 1871, 1776 plans to be just as successful for tech startups 

This past week the highly anticipated 1776 tech startup co-working space in Washington DC, was opened. The brain-child of Donna Harris (Managing Director of Start Up America) and Evan Burfield (Chair of Startup DC), was inspired by Chicago’s own tech startup space 1871. Features of being part of the space include, entrepreneur mentors giving their time to help the startups with various obstacles, weekly events featuring speakers and industry leaders, a startup Accelerator program, and various classes teaching the ins and outs of new business in the startup world. 

From the founders

“Washington is one of the most powerful cities on earth, and it has the potential to become an incredible nerve center for startups seeking to tackle big national challenges like education and healthcare,” said Donna Harris. “1776 will be a single rallying point to tie startups into the region’s significant wealth, expertise, and extraordinary advocacy community, and will create a global brand for what makes the DC community unique.”

Location, Location, Location

Located in downtown DC, 1776 has 15,000 square feet of space with room to expand to 60,000 square feet which would make it bigger than Chicago’s 1871 (50,000 sq ft). With 75% of the space already booked, 1776 continues to get applicants by the dozen and hopes to fill the entire space shortly.

The sights are high for 1776, and the sky is the limit. Hoping to duplicate the success of 1871, 1776 is off and running in DC, and the entrepreneurs are plentiful.

SpotHero Ties

As we are proud alumni of 1871 and Excelerate Labs (Now Tech Stars), SpotHero wishes all the best for 1776! We could not have been happier with our time at 1871, and understand how valuable a space like this can be to startup companies. No matter how much we expand, we will always remember where we started, 1871 Chicago. 

1776 Parking

Startups helping startups. Isn’t this great? SpotHero recently expanded to Washington DC, and we have parking spots nearby 1776. Check out our 1776 parking page and save some money to put into your new business. Startups unite!