9 Insider Tips from SpotHero Employees

The people of SpotHero work around the clock to make parking easy and affordable. SpotHero’s employees are parkers first, so they know the best tricks to get the most out of their parking reservations.

Think you’ve mastered the parking reservation game? Check out these tips from SpotHero employees-—the ultimate parking insiders—on how to make the most out of your SpotHero app experience!

“I always take a screenshot of my parking pass, in case I have trouble pulling up the app or a low signal. That way I have everything at my fingertips!” – Emily, Customer Hero

“Events mean a lot of people in one place at one time, so I like to use the app to find the easiest option in a sea of one way streets for me to get home. I typically park 2 blocks away at a location with easy access to the freeway and on a street with reduced traffic, making it easier to exit the garage. A win for planners everywhere—don’t get stuck in traffic!” – Erin, Project Manager

“I created my business profile to make expensing parking easy. I also use my pre-tax commuter benefit card when I drive to the office.” – Elan, Director of Strategy & Operations

“Plans change and sometimes last minute! I find the ability to edit the start and/or end time of a reservation from the parking pass super helpful.” – Alanna, Content Specialist

“If you’re in a hurry, opt for scan in/out (versus valet) facilities that are not dependent on an attendant. To find these spots, filter by ‘Self Park’ when you search.” – Renzo, Operations Associate

“[When I occasionally run into tech issues] basic things I do is make sure my app is updated, try reinstalling, clearing cache, signing out and back in. This usually works beyond our app as well. And if that doesn’t work, our Heroes are always happy to help!” – Tareq, QA Analyst

“Whenever I go to an event, like a Blackhawks game, I love to use the event slider bar on the venue’s page. When you click your game, it automatically fills in the dates and times and even gives some buffer time before and after the event so that I don’t have to worry about being too early or running late if the game goes into overtime. It makes going to my favorite team’s games as easy as possible.” – Kristin, Partnership Specialist

“I always make sure I read the description before paying for it to make sure I understand the redemption process fully before purchasing it.” – Ethan, Sales Specialist

“I like to start my search with a time span shorter than what I think I would need—for example when I know I need to park 2-6pm, I would try 2-4pm or 2-5pm first—because sometimes the time will automatically extend for the same price.” – Long, Director of Data Science

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