A Look in the Rear View Mirror

This summer, SpotHero brought in eight interns to fill roles across multiple departments, jumpstarting the young professionals’ familiarity and knowledge within the parking and technology industries. With over two hundred employees and several office locations throughout the U.S., SpotHero has grown into a household name that people can trust and rely on. 

Buckling Up for the Summer

Starting immediately since our first day of onboarding, we’ve been introduced to projects and tasks we never thought could be designated for interns. The clear goals, purpose, and history of the company are paved out during onboarding and easily identified throughout the office. SpotHero takes pride in prioritizing the happiness, professional bonds, and workplace comfort of their employees. Every detail of SpotHero is intentional, from the open office which encourages collaboration, to the catered lunches every Thursday.

Getting Goals, Not Coffee

We, the interns writing this post, were granted an amazing opportunity from SpotHero. This internship encouraged us to transform the “traditional internship experience” into a summer that was both empowering for ourselves and the company. SpotHero’s internship is different from most: you won’t grab coffee, unless it’s for yourself and is made by the “robot coffee machine” that lives in the kitchen.

“It was very cool to gain the respect and responsibility of being able to take projects on as my own.”

Kathryn, Partnerships

Supply and Partnership interns were commonly tasked with the job of securing new opportunities for the team and some of those responsibilities consisted of cold calling leads. “Thankfully my team was insanely helpful and encouraging throughout the internship,” Rigby said. “They helped me build immense confidence in my ability to make cold calls.” Thanks to Rigby’s ability to call leads and schedule the next meeting with the Account Executives, the Airport team took off and exceeded monthly goals.

In the Driver’s Seat

Taking the wheel is easy whenever we knew our team would always help navigate us along the way. One of the best programs we encountered were weekly Professional Development Workshops. “They were a great way to bond with the other interns and learn from subject matter experts within SpotHero,” Sid explained. SpotHero takes pride in the educational intern program and ensures professional growth through mentorship.

“I really appreciated how willing everyone at SpotHero was to act as a mentor for me. I met with multiple individuals consistently throughout my internship who offered me genuine and creative career advice.”

Luke, Sales Operations

SpotHero arranged a thrilling summer for us before we even stepped foot into Headquarters. By setting up an extensive interactive Google Calendar, we were instantly able to feel busy and excited as we perused across days full of meetings, workshops, and company-wide events. The People Team at SpotHero created a personalized schedule for each of us, arranging a buddy system, weekly check-ins with our managers, and any other function we should be notified about. It can’t be overstated how streamlined and functional the entire internship program was.

Thank you for a great Summer!