SpotHero: Making Parking Easier

In the midst of constant innovation, the system of parking has remained largely unchanged for decades. Enter SpotHero.com. Founded by Jeremy Smith and Mark Lawrence  SpotHero is changing the way the world looks at parking. SpotHero allows you to..

  • Search for hundreds of available parking spots in top urban areas.
  • Park in previously unavailable spots with a prepaid reservation.
  • Reserve your parking spot online and avoid the parking hassle.
Jeremy (left) and Mark

Jeremy Smith and Mark Lawrence founded SpotHero when they realized Chicago Parking was broken. As any Chicago resident will tell you, as great of a city Chicago, it’s parking problems are just as bad. Jeremy & Mark realized that whether they were trying to find parking at soldier field or hunt around wrigleyville for parking near wrigley field for a cubs game, it was always a hassle. And those were just two venues! The rest of the parking situation around Chicago was just as bad. So Mark and Jeremy decided to create a solution for Chicago Parking. That solution is Spot Hero. Bringing convenient and easy to use web/mobile based technology, SpotHero is revolutionizing the parking industry. SpotHero will save both time and hassle and allow you to make extra income that you previously were unable to make. Starting in Chicago, SpotHero has expanded its network to Milwaukee and Washington D.C., and has its sights set on other cities around the nation.