Achieve Your Resolutions with SpotHero

Happy New Year! It’s time for fresh starts and goals to make this year the best one yet. But as we all know, making the resolution is the easy part. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! With SpotHero’s flexible parking solutions, you can stay on top of your resolutions this year.

Resolution: Get Moving

Good for you, you’ve made the choice to be more active! Now comes the hard part: doing the work.

If you’re having trouble getting out the door to the gym, try booking parking near your favorite fitness spot in advance of your visit. You’ve already got the spot reserved, you have to show up now! If the gym’s not your speed, reserve a spot for your car farther from home, encouraging you to take a longer walk. You’ll still get some exercise, and you won’t have to get decked out in spandex.

Resolution: Arrive On Time

This is an excellent habit to build; making the effort to be more punctual is good for everyone in your life, including you. 

If arriving on time feels like an impossible task, try one of our favorite tricks: create a calendar invite that starts before you need to be there—the length of time is up to you. That way, if you arrive a few minutes late, you’ll actually be right on time!. Worried about finding a spot when you get there? With a SpotHero reservation, you can enter any time after your reservation starts and leave any time before it ends. Pro tip: Book your spot to start 30 minutes earlier than you need it so you have plenty of time to get parked and on your way. No matter what time you get there, your spot will be waiting! 

Resolution: Save Money

We love a resolution that has the potential to literally pay off. This is a great one because there are so many different ways you can save. Skip the lattes, clip your coupons, and let SpotHero help you save with parking.

A SpotHero reservation is never more than the drive-up rate, and in many facilities SpotHero can cost up to 40% less!

Resolution: Tidy and Take Care

As the days get shorter and colder, you may need a little extra care this time of year. It’s no surprise your stuff might need it too. While you’re vacuuming your home and washing your favorite shirt, don’t forget to give your car some TLC. 

You can click here for a list of our top car care tips to get your new year off to a great start. If you are in an area that’s hard-hit by winter weather, SpotHero can help you reserve off-street or covered parking so your car stays dry and warm.. 

Here’s to a happy and successful New Year!