Airport Parking vs Ride Share: What's the better deal?

Airport Parking vs. Ride-Sharing: Which One is Right For You?

Heading to the airport? You have plenty of options to get there – public transit, driving, ridesharing, taking a shuttle – you name it. But which one should you choose? Got lots of luggage? Kids in tow? The most efficient and cost-effective option isn’t always what you think. And, you might be surprised about how much money you can save by planning ahead.

Two factors affect the cost of parking vs. ride-sharing: how far you live from the airport and the length of your trip. With this info, you can find out what will save you the most money. Here’s how: use the charts below to learn how you’ll fare by driving yourself and parking, or hailing a ride.

How Did We Do It?

  • First, we gathered ride-share fare data for 21 top U.S. airports.
  • Then we compared the fares to the lowest airport parking rates on SpotHero.
  • Finally, we crunched the numbers in Excel.

Featured Airports

Here are some of the top airports across the country. The blue squares show you how much money you could save by driving and parking. The gray squares mean ride-sharing is the better deal. Click on an airport below to jump to its chart.


ATL: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport, seeing well over 110 million passengers in 2019. ATL serves as a hub for Delta, as well as a popular layover city for other major airlines. A busy airport means getting to your terminal can be hectic. Parking at the airport can save you money, so be sure to check out your parking options before leaving the house!

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BOS: Boston Logan International Airport

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DCA: Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport

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DEN: Denver International Airport

92% of the time it is more cost-effective to park at Denver International Airport.

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DFW: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

At DFW, 73% of the time you’ll save more when you drive and park at the airport.

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EWR: Newark Liberty International Airport

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HOU: William P. Hobby Airport

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JFK: John F. Kennedy International Airport

73% of the time it is more cost-effective to park at JFK.

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LAX: Los Angeles International Airport

For LAX, you’ll save more money 53% of the time when you drive and park vs. using a ride-sharing service.

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LGA: LaGuardia International Airport

73% of the time it is more cost-effective to park at LGA.

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MCO: Orlando International Airport

77% of the time it is more cost-effective to park at Orlando International Airport.

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OAK: Oakland International Airport

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ORD: Chicago O’Hare International Airport

For O’Hare, it’s less expensive to drive and park at the airport 75% of the time.

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SEA: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Parking

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SFO: San Francisco International Airport Parking

80% of the time it is more cost-effective to park.

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You’ve booked your flight and hotels. If it’s easier to drive and park, try SpotHero for airport parking.