Getting from O’Hare Airport and Midway Airport to the Chicago downtown

TRAINS: From O’Hare: Locate the signs that lead you to the baggage claim to the CTA Train. You will want to take the Blue Line train (Heading south to Forrest Park). Trains come every 7-10 minutes, and the run most hours of the day. Click to see the official schedule. From Midway: Once again, use […]

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Updated – Luna Carpet Man is Acquitted of Ticket

Remember Scott Larsen, the unlucky guy who got a parking ticket while he was feeding the parking meter downtown?  They city saw the video posted by NBC that documented the ticket being issued and they seem to have come to action.  According to The Expired Meter, the city threw out the ticket within 24 hours […]

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Ticketing in Action – Getting a Parking Ticket in Chicago’s Loop

Someone got a parking ticket in the Loop today.  Here’s a photo taken at Washington and Wells of an individual who is part of the private ticket army that descends on Chicago’s streets.  Here’s a picture of the fairy ticket mother in action. Click to view full size. What was the ticket for?  Did the […]

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My Parking Ticket History – The Highlights

From late 2008 – 2010 I have accumulated 19 parking and moving offenses, totaling over $2K in fines.  I like to think about myself as the guy who shows up 2 minutes late to the meter, only to see a big fat ticket waiting for me.  This is my story. My name is Jeremy Smith.  […]

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Chicago Man Is Ticketed While Paying for Spot

As many of you know by now, there has been a lot of commotion regarding the increase in parking meter rates in the City of Chicago.  Recently, a few key Chicago Mayoral candidates made their thoughts public on the situation.  There is no consensus on the best way to handle the issue however, this is […]

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Chicago Parking Tickets = Mucho Revenue

It’s not “Chicago Parking Enforcement”, It’s “Chicago Revenue”.  They don’t even try and hide it!

tipping the valet

Tipping the Valet – A How To Guide for Valet Etiquette

Valet Etiquette We have all been there.  You’re late to a nice Saturday night dinner in the city and your parking options are limited.  The only choice is the valet in the front.  You approach the busy lot and put your car in park.  You fumble around to get all of your stuff together and […]

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Is the Chicago Parking Meter Rate Increase a Good Thing?

Chicago’s recent parking meter rise makes them the highest in the nation.  There have been thousands of complaint tweets on twitter.  There’s been moans and groans, and I’ve been guilty of both!  It sucks to have to pay more for parking.  It’s more than annoying, and with the deal the city received it can be […]

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Grush Hour A Refreshing Perspective on Congestion Management

Grush Hour is a parking blog written by Ben Grush Founder of Skymeter Corp.  They offer an interesting parking service which allows for the convenience of paying for parking usage monthly.  Their systems monitor how much time your vehicle is parked in a certain space, and charges accordingly.  The hassle of searching for coins and […]

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Guide for Purchasing Chicago City Stickers and Parking Permits

Chicago residential parking can be a ‘sticky’ situation.   In late 2010, the City of Chicago decided to end their contract with SecureMark Decal Company despite having 4 years remaining on their existing contract.  The reason, over 77,000 defective residential parking permits that didn’t stick. If you are one of the people who have come across […]

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