SpotHero School: Carpool Dos and Don’ts

From supply shopping, lunchbox packing, and morning routine planning, back-to-school preparations are in session! Kick off the school year with an A+ in school pickup and drop-off etiquette with these back-to-school reminders, so you can be the brainiest driver on the block.

Study Up on School Zones

As the school year begins, we know you have to keep track of an even longer to-do list! When your morning rush kicks into overdrive, don’t forget to pay attention to school zones. First and foremost, don’t forget that it is illegal to pass other vehicles in school zones, so pay attention to posted signs! Also be sure to check speed limits, as many schools relax speed limits when school is not in session. Don’t be caught off guard when the area you cruised through at 35 mph the weekend before is now asking drivers to pump the brakes! Not sure what exactly the limit is? While you can expect posted signs, generally school zones ask that you go no faster than 15 mph during school drop-off and pickup.

Stick with Single File

We remember the feeling of chaos that comes with morning drop off, as hundreds of kids race to get to class! While it can be tempting to jump the line, be considerate of other parents and guardians and avoid cutting the pickup line. Waiting your turn will ensure that traffic keeps moving smoothly, and may actually save you time!

Let the School Bus Lead the Line

As a new school year begins, don’t forget that the school bus will be hitting the road too! Stay cautious when driving near school buses, as children are present, and remember that passing a school bus is illegal while they are stopped with their stop-arm extended! Make sure you come to a complete stop when the bus flashes its warning lights, or when it extends its red-stop arm. Are you in the opposite lane? Remember the same rules apply, and all oncoming traffic is expected to stop when the school bus is signaling. When the school bus retracts the stop-arm, you are free to move along.

Focus on the Road, Eyes Up! 

Life is full of distractions, but when you enter the school zone, all those distractions need to get put away. Avoid checking your phone, turn down loud music, and keep an eye out! Look out for pedestrian crossings, crossing guards, and police officers helping children get to school. Even with those precautions, be prepared to step on your brakes— sometimes kids forget to look both ways! If you’re in the area of a high school, you should also be aware of student drivers, some of whom may be hitting the open road for the first time. Model good behavior by paying extra attention!

Just remember as you hit the road to make student safety your number one priority! Want to avoid the chaos of the pickup zone? Book a spot nearby before the bell rings with SpotHero and prep for after-school pickup.