Magnificent Mile Light’s Festival Parking Guide

Reserve Gold Coast & River North Parking Now! The Magnificent Mile Light’s Festival is Chicago’s premiere holiday event. On Saturday, November 23, despite the cold temperatures, Chicagoans will bear the cold weather for the largest evening celebration in the country. The festival is the perfect family outing and will be a memorable evening. Be prepared […]

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chicago parking meter news

Chicago Parking Meter Update

New Changes Ahead for Chicago’s Parking Meters Recently, City Council approved Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s controversial plan to change the terms of the infamous Chicago Meter Deal.  The decisive 39-11 vote will move the plan forward, but most importantly “What does that mean for you?”   The Bad:  There will be LONGER hours at all the metered spots […]

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SpotHero at the Chicago Auto Show This Weekend!

McCormick Place Main Stage Lot: Open for Parking & Pitching! Through Technori Pitch, SpotHero along with BodyShopBids, FasPark, and MotoZuma will be showcasing their talents on the big stage this weekend at McCormick Place. Technori Pitch is a monthly series that features some of Chicago’s most innovative tech companies pitching their businesses. Each company gets a quick five minutes […]

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rv parking chicago

RV, Trailer and Bus Parking in Chicago

Monthly and daily spots available within the city! As you might imagine, it’s a bit difficult to find a parking spot for RV’s, trailers and busses in the City of Chicago. While there are a good amount in the surrounding suburbs, within the actual city it’s slim pickins. This post is dedicated to the few but available, long term and short […]

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Free Parking Tip – Night time Chicago Financial District Parking – Van Buren and Wells

The SpotHero Free Parking Team is here! Set out to search the big cities and find free parking in the most unlikely places. Today we have quite a doozy! For a small stretch of street in the heart of Chicago’s loop is free night time parking. On the east side of Wells street between Jackson […]

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spothero iphone app

Chicago Parking Apps

We can all agree right? Parking in Chicago is a huge hassle, zero fun and can make any day or evening turn into one of the worst. With this in mind, SpotHero was born and with it – smart phone apps. Whats better than searching and reserving parking online? Searching and reserving parking from your […]

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‘Tis The Season for Dibs Parking: Chicago’s Parking Tradition

  Chicago has gone 280 days without measurable snow. It’s finally expected to finally snow in the city this week. Since the 1967 historic blizzard, drivers in the Chicago have faced the major issue of parking wars. During the winter season, Chicagoans have difficulty parking and drivers become desperate and aggressive to secure a spot. […]

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