How to Use a Parking Scanner with SpotHero

Here at SpotHero, our goal is to help you park smarter so that you can get where you’re going with ease. Thanks to scanner technology, parking is even easier, allowing you to scan in and out of parking garages using your mobile device. This technology speeds up the entry and exit process, making parking convenient […]

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how to change spothero reservation

How to Change Your SpotHero Reservation

Need to make a change to your SpotHero reservation? We’ve got you covered! We get it. Plans can change quickly.  The good news is your SpotHero reservation can change, too–even after you’ve made it. We’re here to walk you through some of the options you have to change your SpotHero reservation and make it work […]

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how to cancel spothero reservation

How to Cancel Your SpotHero Reservation

Got an invite for a last-minute night out across town? Maybe it’s a perfect sunny day and you don’t need that covered parking spot after all. Whatever the reason, plans change. We get it. You can cancel a SpotHero reservation anytime before the start time of the reservation through our app, website, or self-service phone […]

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How SpotHero Works: What to Know Before You Park

If you have ever driven in a city, you know it can be next to impossible to find parking. The good news is: SpotHero is here to help! Want to know how SpotHero works? Look no further. Check out the top nine things you need to know before you reserve your first parking spot with […]

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How to Use SpotHero’s Search Filters

Can I go in and out of this garage during my reservation? Does this facility have wheelchair accessible parking? Will I have to touch a button or pull a ticket? We’ve taken our drivers’ frequently asked questions when searching for a spot and have the solution they’re looking for: parking search filters! 1. Self Park […]

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How SpotHero Uses Customer Feedback to Create a Heroic Parking Experience

It’s Get to Know Your Customers Day! SpotHero works hard to ensure that we are communicating with our drivers and our Product team is responsible for incorporating your feedback to build the best parking experience possible. In celebration of today, here are a few innovations that were created with suggestions and feedback from SpotHero customers. […]

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Get into Gear with SpotHero’s Top In-App Features

New to the SpotHero mobile app, or seeking to explore everything it has to offer? Allow us to assist! Take a look at how the SpotHero app can help you get everywhere, easier. Easily connect to Apple Carplay and Android Auto. We’re creating solutions for a life on the go. View your SpotHero reservations, reference […]

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redeem spothero reservation

How Do I Redeem My SpotHero Reservation?

You’ve made a SpotHero reservation, and you’re ready to go. You head out the door, except one question remains: what do you do now? You may not realize it, but there are different ways to redeem your SpotHero reservation. For example, some parking garages have valet attendants that verify your SpotHero reservation, while other facilities […]

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Event Parking 101

SpotHero partners with parking operators, event venues, and teams to help drivers optimize their SpotHero event parking experience and take the hassle out of parking. Here are a few tips to ensure parking for the big game, show, or concert is a breeze. Search your venue, park with ease. Got a long-anticipated game or show […]

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