Cheap Monthly Loop and Downtown Chicago Parking

And you thought the rent in Chicago was already way too expensive!  Guess what, the parking costs can tack a pretty penny on top of what you are already paying.  That said, are you looking for cheap Chicago monthly parking?  Look no further, SpotHero is here!

In 2011 Chicago had the 6th highest monthly parking rates in the United States costing the average person $289/month!  And that’s not even for a reserved spot which will run you an absurd $400/month!

Oh yea, and did I mention that it’s one of the worst experiences trying to find your spot in the first place.  Maybe you tried calling around hoping to find someone with parking, you looked for signs on the street, or maybe you even perused Craigslist in search of that one gem parking spot.

It should be a lot easier, shouldn’t it?

SpotHero is a website that makes parking easy.  SpotHero has cheap monthly downtown Chicago parking and cheap monthly Chicago loop parking available where you need it!  If you are looking for Chicago loop parking, or a monthly parking spot downtown we’ve got you covered!  You can check out our options or you can even contact us directly and let us know where you want parking.   Or you can also call us at anytime at 312.566.7768

We know how much parking sucks and we’ve received our fair share of problems from it.  Luckily, people agree with us and have voted us the best app in the City of Chicago.

Don’t make your search harder than it has to be.  Let SpotHero make it easy for you!