Chicago Ideas Week is Here!

If you haven’t heard the news, seen the signs, or smelled the entrepreneur sent in the air, you are about to.  Chicago Ideas Week has arrived, and with it thousands of scientists, artists, writers, economists, explorers, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a passion for the new and exciting. With hundreds of events throughout the week there is something for everyone searching for inspiration.

Of course, the SpotHero team fully supports CIW. A product of Chicago’s own 1871, we are no strangers to new ideas, and running with the entrepreneur passion.  This week there are even a few CIW events held in our home base of 1871 that are sure to be ones to remember.

It is no secrete that Chicago is on the up and coming for new business.  We have the resources, the drive, and most importantly the people. The city of broad shoulders that survives the harsh winds of winter are showing their true colors, and showing the world what we are capable of. CIW is yet another platform to showcase what we have built, and are continuing to build right here in the windy city.

For a full list of events, and all the info on CIW check out

Of course, if you are driving in for an event or the entire week, SpotHero has you covered for cheap parking. Visit and browse through our downtown parking  locations to find a spot now!