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Chicago Parking Apps

We can all agree right? Parking in Chicago is a huge hassle, zero fun and can make any day or evening turn into one of the worst. With this in mind, SpotHero was born and with it – smart phone apps. Whats better than searching and reserving parking online? Searching and reserving parking from your smart phone! SpotHero has both an iPhone app and as of recent, an Android app available for free that allows you to actually enjoy finding a parking spot in Chicago.

The parking pros understand this industry has a bad rep, and we want to change that every chance we get.  

SpotHero has gained recognition for their parking app dating back to September of 2011. We even entered and won a contest featuring Chicago’s newest and best apps. With a talent pool of some of the top minds in the city, we were proud when we came out on top!

SpotHero makes parking in Chicago affordable. Street parking these days is going through the roof, and reserving a spot in a lot or garage offers much more than a financial incentive. Parking in a garage or lot offers security, long term options, reservation options and even valet survice at many locations. If you are planning to park in downtown for more than a couple hours, it would be silly to re-feed meter.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to to find reserve your spot now! More of a smart phone kind of person? Check out our free app available for download right now via iPhone and Android. Happy Parking!

Are you a SpotHero fan that has already downloaded our iPhone or Android app? Check out our posts on how to use each. 

SpotHero iPhone App Tutorial

SpotHero Android App Tutorial