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Chicago Parking Meter Update

New Changes Ahead for Chicago’s Parking Meters
Recently, City Council approved Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s controversial plan to change the terms of the infamous Chicago Meter Deal.  The decisive 39-11 vote will move the plan forward, but most importantly “What does that mean for you?”


The Bad: 
There will be LONGER hours at all the metered spots that currently require payment until 9PM only.   In most areas hours will go until 10PM however in River North, Gold Coast and Streeterville those hours are going to go until Midnight!  That means you could potentially be on the hook for an extra THREE HOURS of paid meter parking.


The Good:
Sunday Funday!  For areas outside of the central business district the city is looking to offer FREE PARKING.  Could be a blessing or a problem in disguise.


The oppositions take:
Free Sunday parking sounds great, but there is concern that free parking will encourage people to stay parked for longer hurting the businesses who rely on quick turnover to get customers in the door. Additionally, some Alderman fear that there is too little information at hand to make the right decision, and few have cited that same issues as being one of the biggest contributors to the passing of the original Chicago Meter Deal.


Where do we go from here?
You’ll have to stay tuned to see how everything unfolds.  We will make sure to keep you posted on the biggest happenings
As always, happy parking and have a safe week!

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