Chicago Parking Ticket Story

I received this email about a parking ticket experience from a fellow Chicago resident today:


I wanted to share my parking story.  My vehicle was parked in the Lakeview neighborhood this evening.  I purchased precisely enough time in the meter to cover the amount of time that I would be away from my vehicle.  Much to my dismay, when I returned to my vehicle as parking attendant was writing me a ticket and refused to void it.  My parking sticker expired at 8:25 pm and the ticket had the pay box receipt expiration time of 8:26 pm.  I checked my phone at the time of the citation and I had one minute.  It’s ridiculous!


How to Avoid Chicago Parking Tickets

There is really only one way to avoid Chicago Parking tickets completely.  That’s to not park your car on the street!  But where would you park then?!!!  You can reserve private parking at prices many times cheaper than the street parking rates through SpotHero!  SpotHero has many parking spots across the city of Chicago including River North Parking, Old Town Parking, and Downtown Chicago Parking