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The Best Parking Tips for Commuters

How we work has changed a lot in the last few years. As more people return to the office, how commuters park may need to change too! Never fear, SpotHero is here to help drivers get back into the swing of things. Here are a few tips to help you have the best commuting experience possible as you get back into gear.

No more 9 to 5? Explore alternative parking times! 

If you have adjusted your working hours to a more flexible schedule, consider changing how you park too! Try searching for parking later in the day after rush hour has become less intense, or check out the available options for an early morning start. You can save time and money by leaving later or spending part of your workday working from home. 

Do you need to stay late at the office? Many locations that partner with SpotHero offer an automatic extension on your reservation time, as well as the option to extend your reservation if you need more time to work…and by “work” we mean you have to meet your office bestie for an after-hours hang.

Maximize Your Pre-Tax Dollars With a SpotHero for Business Account

If your company offers a commuter benefits program such as Wageworks or Via, consider taking advantage of those benefits through SpotHero! When you set up a SpotHero for Business profile, you can use pre-tax dollars to pay and reserve parking in advance. With a SpotHero for Business account, it’s also easy to keep track of expenses by syncing with your preferred expense tool or having receipts sent to one email address. You can learn more about accepted benefits providers here.

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Park and Ride to Save Dollars and Cents

Commuting can be hectic. Instead of driving all the way to the office, consider parking close to a public transit stop instead and taking a train or bus for the last leg of your commute. Oftentimes, locations situated farther from downtown tend to be more affordable, and opting to avoid traffic congestion can even save you some time during your day. Who doesn’t want to save fuel, money and time!?

Take Advantage of SpotHero’s Spot Filters

Sometimes you need a spot with a little something extra; you need a parking spot that lets you go in and out, a spot that offers EV charging, or a covered spot.. You can use spot filters to help you find your perfect spot and book a  multi-day reservation that allows drivers to go in and out of their spot during their reservation time frame. Select “filters” on the results page to see what’s available in your search area and take the stress out of your commute. 

Found a spot you absolutely loved? Consider using our “power booking” feature and book up to four reservations for multiple dates at the same spot for the same times. 

Peace, love, and parking!