CTA Fare Increase

The Monday we’ve all been dreading is finally here. The CTA’s fare hikes begin, and with it many unhappy riders and Chicagoans are voicing their negative opinions on the increase. Chicago has been accustomed to fare hikes all across the board that include paying the highest toll rates in the country, the highest parking rates in the country and recently just hit with the largest increase in income tax in state history. These trends have forced thousands out of their cars and into public transportation, but once again they will be hit with this current CTA fare increase.

The only rate that will not be effected will be the single ride rate. The single ride rate includes $2.00 for a bus ride and $2.25 for the EL. The rest of the fare increases look like this…

1-Day Pass

Now: $5.75
New: $10.00

3-Day Pass

Now: $14.00
New: $20.00

Weekly Pass

Now: $23.00
New: $28.00

Monthly Pass

Now: $86.00
New: $100.00

*If you are a current Chicago Card or Chicago Card Plus holder the rates will not increase for 6 months.

O’Hare Airport Blue Line Train

Now: $2.25
New: $5.00
*O’Hare Airport employees will not pay the additional $2.75 increase.

The fare increases also come as a major surprise considering a new contract the CTA cut just a month ago. The contract signed cut wages and benefits to help close a $277 million budget deficient, which in turn would keep from cutting bus routes and CTA fare hikes…both of which came anyway.

Chicago Mayer Rahm Emanuel defends the fare increase and stresses that the daily rates are staying consistent and telling Chicagoans to consider the price points of using public transportation rather than their cars.


*Featured Image by flickr: clkayleib’s