Creative Cures for the Winter Blues

Winter has roared into much of the country, leaving some of us feeling more than a bit blue. If the cold weather and cloudy skies have your spirits sagging, here are a few suggestions to give your mood a lift this winter: 

Cook your favorite meal.

Maybe you’re a total gourmet, or maybe your expertise is frozen pizza. Whatever your experience level, a home-cooked meal can work wonders on your mood—and yes, a grilled cheese totally counts as a home-cooked meal! You will thank yourself, and you’ll save money by skipping takeout. Don’t forget to plan ahead: make a list of your ingredients, and book parking near the grocery store with SpotHero!

Expand your mind with something new.

Is there something you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t gotten around to yet? Well there’s truly no time like the present. Take piano lessons, book a pottery class, join a knitting circle or see if your local schools or community centers offer classes for adults. Not only will you learn something, you will get the opportunity to meet some new great people! If you’d prefer to fly solo, try visiting a museum. As tourist traffic hits a low this time of year, many museums and galleries have reduced prices or special free days to entice visitors! Take a look to see what’s going on in your area and take advantage of everything your home town has to offer.

Read a book.

Perhaps you have an old favorite you’d like to revisit, or you’re dying to check out the latest release. Delve into a new world by spending some time with a good book. Having trouble getting motivated? You can join a reading challenge at a library or a bookstore, or use an online tool to keep track of your pages, and getting a library book is a great way to ensure you finish before you have to return it! If you’re headed out to the library, be sure you have reserved a spot with SpotHero!

Get active.

A great way to give your mood a boost is to do some physical activity. Hit the gym and break some records, even if they’re just your personal best. If the gym isn’t your style, take a class online from the comfort of your own home, or go for a walk outside. Use our favorite trick: book a spot far away from your destination and get your steps in! Whether you’re in the gym or walking home, SpotHero is here to help you reserve a spot.

Clean your space.

As the weather turns colder it’s likely you’ll be spending the majority of your time at home, so be sure you have a space that’s as nice as you are! Do that laundry, run your vacuum, pick up and tidy your space. You deserve it, and you’ll feel better when you’re done. Don’t neglect your car either! Check out these car care tips to get your vehicle in top shape. And don’t forget: if you are in an area that’s hard-hit by winter weather, SpotHero can help you reserve off-street or covered parking so your car stays dry and warm. 

Stay warm, stay well, and happy parking!