Customers of the Month – July

Chloe and Chris
Chloe and Chris – July Customers of the Month

We are so thrilled to bring you another installment of our Customer of the Month series, this time featuring two San Francisco based users, Chris and Chloe. Check out the interview below, and for even more info on these two make sure to check out their blogs – Chris and Chloe

SH (SpotHero): Hey guys! Can you tell us about yourselves?

We’re Chris and Chloë, Buddhists working at technology startups in San Francisco. Chris is a product manager at PagerDuty who once built a “disco suit” covered in 240 computer-controlled, sound-sensitive RGB LEDs, and Chloë manages design and brand at OneLogin and was a world-class competitive Irish dancer well into her 20s.  Both are passionate about product and design.

We also practice meditation, yoga, and study Buddhism. We’re studying to go to the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra teachings in India in January 2016. Parties in the desert and forest aren’t so bad either.

SH: As a kid, what was your dream job?

Chris thought he’d be a dermatologist because his parents are doctors, dermatologists make more money, and they don’t have to carry pagers. Now he helps other people not have to carry pagers.

Chloë wanted to be all sorts of things, but they were all about making lives better for others (such as being a superintendent of public schools to make things better for kids).

SH: What app do you use the most?

Chris uses Chrome. Chloë uses Spotify, Facebook, and Skype.

SH: Why do you use SpotHero?

We have an awesome parking spot in Downtown San Francisco and get almost 45% off what we’d pay for the monthly rate in the same spot. We use it almost every day and would use it more often if there was more coverage.

SH: Favorite local hang outs?

The new Philz on Minnesota in the Dogpatch is awesome. Juniper Path has opened a new meditation center in San Francisco that’s excellent for technology folks and others looking to find greater peace and happiness in their lives.

SH: What new feature would you like to see on the SpotHero app?

More monthly parking coverage. Please make it easier to book the same spot from day to day.

SH: Thanks for the feedback guys – we’re taking it to the team so we can work to offer more options and keep improving your parking experience!