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Having trouble parking around DePaul? SpotHero can help!

One of the things that makes Chicago great is all of the colleges and universities within its walls. However, this can also create problems, and in the case of DePaul, one of those problems is traffic and congestion. With a prime campus location, DePaul suffers from a lack of parking and storage options. We understand these problems and we’re here to help. The last thing we want is for people to avoid traveling to this fine institution because they fear the hassle and cost of parking their vehicle. And is there anything worse than being towed? We’ve all had the experience of walking out and seeing our car gone, and realizing our day is ruined. Don’t let this happen to you!

Are you a DePaul student? A family member of a DePaul student visiting for graduation or just the weekend? Are you a prospective student, or perhaps visiting a friend on campus. No matter what, you’ll need a place to store your vehicle. Street parking spots are few and far between, and who wants to be a slave to the meter, coming back periodically to refill the machine?  Take the hassle out of this ordeal and save yourself some money in the process with SpotHero’s selection of parking spots. Just click the link, browse through our extensive list of garages and surface lots, and book your parking ahead of time! Once you have selected your lot, just save the Rental ID number (or print the confirmation if you are instructed to do so), and begin parking. On top of the savings, we think you’ll like reducing the stress of parking! No matter who you are or why you are looking to park, life is easier when you book parking ahead of time.

  • Save money! Parking with SpotHero is cheaper than driving up to a lot.

  • Reduce stress! Simply select your location ahead of time and drive up.

And once you use our service, don’t forget to brag around campus about how savvy you are! 

DePaul Parking Options

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