4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Disneyland Parking

Believe it or not, getting to Disneyland doesn’t have to be a hassle. It’s easy to find Disneyland parking close to the main park entrance and even save money in the process, thanks to the many parking lots within walking distance and the handy ART shuttle.

We’ve rounded up four tips on ways to save money on Disneyland parking.

1) Reserve Disneyland Parking at a Nearby Hotel

Many Disneyland insiders say that the fastest and most convenient way to get to and from Disneyland is to park at one of the hotels on Harbor Blvd or in the surrounding area. What are the benefits of going this route?

  • Avoid traffic in the big parking structures
  • Reserve your spot & know where you’re going to park ahead of time
  • Save time & money

The good news is that you can now use SpotHero to reserve parking near Disneyland. SpotHero is a parking reservation app that lets you book parking in advance, often at a discount to the drive-up rate. After you reserve a spot with SpotHero, just follow the instructions on your parking pass. From your parking spot, you can walk to the park entrance (see tip #2 below) or take the ART shuttle (tip #3 below).

Here are our top locations for Disneyland parking at nearby hotels:


Lot/Garage Address Parking Rates Reserve Online Walking Time

1221 S Harbor Blvd. – Four Points by Sheraton Anaheim – Lot

$18 all-day Book Now! 16 mins

515 Disney Way – Anaheim Garden Walk Garage

$30 all day Book Now! 11 mins

1420 S Harbor Blvd. – Valet Garage

$29 all day Book Now! 11 mins

1650 S Harbor Blvd. – Valet Lot

$25 all day Book Now! 7 mins

1855 S Harbor Blvd. Sheraton Park – Lot

$20 all day Book Now! 17 mins


2) Walk to the Park Entrance From Your Hotel Parking Spot

If you’re parked on or near Harbor Boulevard, you could easily walk to the Disneyland entrance at the Main Gate. There are other entrances to Disneyland, but this entrance has the most turnstiles and ticket takers.

Here’s a map showing the park entrance and various hotel parking options nearby:

Disneyland Parking Map with SpotHero

disneyland parking

If you have small children, you may also want to consider the ART shuttle (see #3 below).

3) Take the ART Shuttle From Your Hotel to the Entrance

The Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) Shuttle System is a shuttle system that connects hotels, theme parks, restaurants, and more in the Anaheim Resort area.

You can park at one of the nearby hotels and then take ART to Disneyland. It operates 7 days a week, and service typically begins one hour before Disneyland opens, continuing until one hour after close.

ART Fares

1 Day Pass: $6 (adult) $2.50 (child)

3 Day Pass: $16 (adult) $3.50 (child)

5 Day Pass: $25 (adult) $5.50 (child)

Reduced fares are available for senior citizens age 65+ and persons with disabilities.

Where to Buy ART Passes

If you are parking at one of these hotels, you can buy an ART pass at the hotel. You can also buy online or on the ART app (iOS or Android). For more info on routes and ways to buy your shuttle pass, click here.

4) Get 2 Hours of Free Parking in Downtown Disney Parking Lot

Downtown Disney is Disneyland’s entertainment district, with tons of shopping, restaurants and other entertainment venues.

You can get two hours of free parking at the Downtown Disney parking lot, and up to 4 hours with validation from participating locations. You can find more information on official Disney parking here.

Want to explore more Disneyland parking options? Check out the SpotHero map below! Click on a pin to learn more about the location and adjust to your preferred date and time. Or check out all Disneyland parking offered through SpotHero here!