Don’t Park Here: 5 Hilarious Parking Ticket Stories

Hilarious Parking Ticket Stories

Just about every motorists have walked out to their car only to find that a ticket has been stealthily placed on their windshield. Getting a parking ticket is an experience that can really get under your skin and cause a downward spiral of your entire day. It can also be very inconvenient and occasionally expensive.

There are times however, when receiving a parking ticket can be downright funny. This is especially true when another person is the one getting the parking ticket. If you don’t believe me then read on because today I am going to be covering five of the most hilarious parking ticket stories since the invention of the internal combustion engine.

1. Parking Ticket Karma

One thing that is more infuriating than getting a parking ticket is getting a letter from the IRS. That is something that can really ruin your day. But our first story shows you that sometimes the universe has a sense of irony that just can’t be competed with.

One day in Florida an IRS agent parked outside of a local courthouse while he went inside to testify in a tax fraud case. Unfortunately, for the IRS agent he parked in a no-parking zone. After the trial ended he walked outside to find that not only did he have over one hundred dollars in parking tickets, but also had a parking boot placed on his car. It took over two hours and a hefty fine to have the boot removed. Another thing that made onlookers smile is that all of this just happened to happen on April 15th. Who says there’s no such thing as karma?

2. No Excuses

You would think that there are instances when a parking ticket shouldn’t be issued. Take this next story for example. A London man got got hit by a car and had to be rushed to the hospital. As the paramedics were loading him into the back of the ambulance a parking control officer suddenly appeared. The officer explained to the man that he didn’t want to further complicate his day but he had to issue him a ticket for parking his motor scooter in a no parking zone, even though it was a total wreck. The only thing that I can hope for with this story is that the guy had adequate car insurance.

3. Cautionary Tail

A local Missouri man loved to ride his horse on Sunday afternoons and did so for the better part of twenty years. When gas prices began to rise he started riding his horse not only for recreation but also for the small trips he would often have to make to the store. Several times a week he would visit the small convenience store and tie his horse up outside. But that changed one day when he stepped outside of the store and found that an overzealous police officer had placed a parking ticket on the tail of his horse. I wonder if it was a mustang?

4. Ticketed Into A Hole

A British truck driver was driving his eighteen wheeler down a busy London street when the road gave way beneath him. It seems that the already deteriorating road was further weakened by a burst water main that caused a sinkhole to develop. Fortunately, the driver wasn’t injured but he didn’t get off completely unscathed because as he was waiting for a tow truck to pull his truck out of the sinkhole a parking attendant issued him a ticket.

5. Mistaken Identity

One day a local businessman in the Atlanta area approached a police officer who was busy writing a ticket on a car parked in a no-parking zone. The businessman approached the officer and immediately got into a very heated debate with the officer about the ticket he was issuing for the car. As the businessman continued to argue, the officer kept writing tickets for more and more violations. Eventually the officer finished his business and left. The officer had ended up writing five tickets for parking violations. Sounds like the businessman got what he deserved, right? Well, not exactly. The car didn’t even belong to the businessman. His vehicle was securely parked around the corner.

While these five hilarious parking ticket stories are enough to give you a chuckle, one thing has to be kept in mind. Parking violations can be an unnecessary expense that can really ruin you day. Taking a little time to make sure that your vehicle is parked correct, and also is properly licensed and insured, will go far in assuring that you avoid having your own parking ticket story to tell in the near future.

Author Bio: Susan is a freelance writer for a car insurance quote comparison site. She loves everything cars and loves saving money by never paying retail price for anything. If she is not busy working, then she can be found reading a new book in her backyard hammock.