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Drive In Movie Theaters of Chicago

Park it – Watch it

Summer is the season where Hollywood debuts mostly all of their big blockbusters, but it is also the time of year that is meant to be spent outside. Drive-ins are the perfect option for movie-goers who want to relish the great outdoors; however, there are not a lot of drive-ins that one can watch a film from the comfort of their own car around Chicago, unless you already have a television inside your automobile.

The question most people ask themselves, “What happened to the drive-ins?” A lot of older people grew up going to drive- movie theaters close to their homes. In Illinois, there were a total of 154 drive-in movie theaters that were in operation at one time or another. Today, there are only 12 theaters that remain open for business throughout the entire state.

The memories of family outings and taking their special date out for a movie are only in the minds of those fortunate enough to live during that time. Fortunately for the younger generations, some drive-ins remain fairly close to the city and in popular vacation spots.

Cascade Outdoor Theater

The Cascade Outdoor Theater is the closest theater in the city. They are located in West Chicago right near route 66. The theater has only one screen. They are open every night of the week and show two films per night. Cascade Outdoor Theater only operates from March through November.

Route 66 Drive-In

Route 66 Drive-in was known as “Green Meadows Drive-In” when it opened in 1978. This drive-in theater then closed its doors four years after they opened for business. However, they currently re-opened their doors in 2002 in Springfield, Illinois and renamed the place to Route 66 Drive-In. They have two screens and are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. They are a family-friendly movie theater.

Keno Family Drive-In

Keno Family Drive-In is located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, which is just north of Illinois and the Wisconsin border. The theater can hold up to 800 vehicles and shows two movies every night. They are owned by the same company as Cascade. They have a full-service food station along with a picnic area.

The next time a big blockbuster comes out, consider viewing it under the starry night sky.

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