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Driving Cheer: Ways to Give Back (From Your Car) This Season!

Gear up to give back this holiday season – from the safety of your own vehicle.

As 2020 comes to a close, this year’s holiday season is shaping up to a bit different than usual. Now more than ever, we’re spending time alone rather than with our family and friends. What better way to safely connect with your community than by giving back this holiday season? We’ve gathered a list of ways to drive cheer this holiday season—all socially distanced and easy to do from the safety of your own car!

1. Pick up groceries for a neighbor.

A simple act of kindness can go a long way. One of the easiest ways to be kind is by offering to pick up groceries for the holidays for your neighbors. Ask for their grocery list and comb the grocery store aisles, or help them put together an online order for pickup. Grocery pickup is a seamless way to park and go with minimal contact. Don’t forget to ask if they need any holiday gift shopping done, too!

2. Host a food drive.

Encourage your coworkers or neighbors to help put together a food drive for your local community. One initiative we love is stocking community fridges that are placed in low income communities. Donating or dropping off items at these fridges can help provide fresh produce and clean water for those in need. This holiday, organize or join a hot meal delivery service. Connect with your local Red Cross or food bank to see how you can help prepare or deliver hot meals for the holidays. You can also sign up to volunteer with Meals on Wheels, a nationwide initiative that helps prepare and deliver healthy meals to seniors in your neighborhood.

3. Arrange a Christmas car parade.

One way to drive cheer for all this year is to host a Christmas car parade! Get kids excited for the season by decking out your car and driving around the neighborhood. See if you can get Santa to come to town and take a ride in someone’s truck bed to wave at the adoring children. This is also the perfect time to see other houses’ Christmas lights and spread even more Christmas cheer.

This holiday season is all about supporting one another. If you cannot physically volunteer or do not have a vehicle to drop items off , consider donating to a couple of your favorite organizations this year. Volunteering your time and resources is the best way to drive a little more cheer for all this holiday season!