SpotHero Presents: Encore-Worthy Event Etiquette

Heading to the theater for a show, concert or event? SpotHero is here to help ensure you have a great visit. Here are a few tips, tricks and reminders to make sure you and your fellow theatergoers have a great experience!

Check Your Event Details 

Most tickets now are delivered via email, giving you an opportunity to learn about the event before you even leave home! Take a minute to look over your tickets and event information to see if there are important details, such as which entrance you should use, if there is a dress code, or any restricted items not allowed in the theater. You will arrive armed with knowledge—and know exactly where your seats are!

Streamline your Stuff

In a theater, space is at a premium. As you get ready for the show, remember that less is more; try to leave the bulky items behind to ensure that you and those around you have enough space to enjoy themselves. If you have to bring a bag, make it a “party purse,” packed with the essentials so that you don’t have as much to carry. Unable to leave the big bag behind? Most theater venues have a coat check for a fee. Check your big items before you head to your seats!

Plan to Be an Early Bird

You’ve probably had this discussion at one time or another: if the show starts at 8, should we be there at 8 or before? We understand why you may be confused; some events do have flexible start times or the option for attendees to come and go! If you’re not sure which type of event you’re attending, here’s a tip: if your event ticket lists reserved seats, you should plan to be seated in them at least ten minutes before the show begins. Late arrivals for ticketed events often have to wait to be seated once the show has begun, in some instances, late arrivals don’t get seated at all!

Power Down Devices Before the Curtain Rises

After arriving at your seats, the first thing you should do is check to make sure electronic devices are off or silent. Keep in mind that at many theater events, having your phone out after the show begins is grounds to have you escorted out of the venue! Before pulling your phone out at an event where electronics are allowed, ask yourself something: are you ever really going to watch the video you take? Will it look half as nice as what you’re staring at right now? If the answer is no, then leave it in your pocket and enjoy the show!

Consider Fellow Attendees

Don’t forget that special events like theater productions are shared experiences; not just with friends and family, but with everyone around you. Have a frog in your throat? Bring a cough drop or two. Can’t wait to chat with your oldest friend? Save the conversation for after-show drinks. Be courteous and kind to ensure that everyone attending has a great time!

Happy parking!