Mind your P’s and Q’s: SpotHero’s Essential Parking Etiquette

When it comes to parking, there are a lot of unwritten rules. Never fear, SpotHero is here to help! Here is a list of the most important parking etiquette, compiled just for you.

Find a spot that fits:

Are you trying to squeeze an SUV into a compact spot, or squeeze into a neighboring spot when someone has parked over the line? There are many parkers that would consider this a cardinal sin. Pay close attention to the size of the available spots to ensure that you are giving other parkers plenty of room, and park within the lines! This has the added benefit of ensuring that your car is not dinged or bumped by other drivers trying to maneuver into the nearby spaces. Most importantly, never park in such a way that it can prevent someone from getting out of their spot. 

Take note of all instructions:

Restricted spot? Reserved parking? Is there a time limit? Many parkers know to check signs before pulling into a spot on the street, but off-street parking may have restrictions too. Don’t worry, everything you need to know should be posted in the lot or the garage, so pay attention to any posted signs or instructions, they are there to help you! If you’re worried you’ll forget something, we recommend taking a picture of any signs and restrictions so you won’t miss anything. 

Communicate with fellow parkers:

You know why you’re walking back to your car, but the person circling the lot for an empty space for the third time may not. If you notice another driver looking around for an open space, signal to them whether you’re leaving the spot or you’ve returned for another reason. That way, they know if it’s alright to wait or if they need to keep looking, saving them time!

Take your time:

Parking lots and garages can be confusing, difficult to navigate, and frustrating places sometimes, and a sure way to ramp up the tension is to drive too fast or too close to fellow parkers. The easiest way to prevent any mishaps to yourself, your car, and fellow parkers is to slow down. Often lots and garages have posted speed limits, but a good rule of thumb is that while driving around a lot, your car should not be going more than 20mph. We know you’re in a hurry, but remember that parking in a lot is a marathon, not a sprint. The extra time you take finding your spot will save you time when you don’t have to exchange insurance information with another parker!

Happy parking! If you need help finding a spot you can check out SpotHero!