SpotHero Event Parking 101

SpotHero partners with parking operators, event venues, and teams to help drivers optimize their SpotHero event parking experience and take the hassle out of parking. Here are a few tips to ensure parking for the big game, show, or concert is a breeze.

Search Your Venue, Park With Ease

Got a long-anticipated game or show coming up? We get it, you’re excited! We want to make sure our drivers enjoy big events without stressing about where to park. Simply search the venue, select your event from the available listings, and book. With your SpotHero reservation, you are guaranteed a place to park. No more driving in circles for an open spot!

Arrive For Your Event Early

SpotHero’s preset arrival times give drivers plenty of time to get to their spots. With a valid SpotHero reservation, you can enter up to two hours before your event’s scheduled start time. Need more time? If you adjust the timeframe in the search field, you can view spots that allow you to arrive earlier!

Three Encores? Zero Problems!

Parking ending in five minutes and your favorite band is playing their third encore of the night? SpotHero works hard to enter our best estimate for an event’s end time, but if things run long, don’t worry! When you purchase an event spot through SpotHero, you have up to an hour after the event’s actual end time to exit the spot. So, if the big game doesn’t end until 6:00, you have until 7:00 to return to your car. No more dashing out to feed the meter during the seventh-inning stretch!

For more information on event parking and to learn more about SpotHero event package plans, click here or call our Customer Heroes at (844) 868-0156.