Getting from O’Hare Airport and Midway Airport to the Chicago downtown


From O’Hare:

Locate the signs that lead you to the baggage claim to the CTA Train. You will want to take the Blue Line train (Heading south to Forrest Park). Trains come every 7-10 minutes, and the run most hours of the day. Click to see the official schedule.

From Midway:

Once again, use the signs that point you to the CTA Train. Take the Orange Line (Heading north to Clark/Lake). Trains run every 10-15 minutes, and the line itself is in operation from 4am – 1am. Click to see the official schedule.

You can determine how to get to your end destination through the CTA Homepage. Input your start and end points, and it will tell you which trains to get. This will tell you the trains you need transfer to, if necessary.

TAXI (From Both Airports):

Use Taxi Fare Finder. to find the approximate cost of your trip, and also to find the number to some of the different cab companies in Chicago.  You won’t have to reserve a taxi ahead of time, as there are plenty of them waiting outside the terminal.

RENTAL CAR (Both Airports):

Expedia’s Rental Car Tool is a great help.  It allows you to choose which company you want, and the airport you are leaving from.

You can bid on car rentals in Chicago through Select the size car you want, and click bid now!

Most mid-sized sedans to run from $25-$30 a day. Most companies usually offer discounts (or online coupons) for extended reservations. If you plan to book a reservation for more than 4 days, be sure to google for any available coupons.

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