Glad You Made It

We call ourselves SpotHero – we save the day with our easy parking options. BUT drivers are also our heroes. Everything we do, every partnership we make, and every technology we develop, is about helping them live the life of their dreams. The SpotHero reach is far and wide. We are a network of SpotHeroes (employees and drivers) and Partners (operators, garages, stadiums, airports, and mobility and technology allies) that help our drivers get everywhere easier.

So, what is the best way to save the day for our drivers/heroes? Find out what they SpotHero for and help them get there, stress-free.

We’ve been spending some time at SpotHero learning about what matters to our drivers so we can talk to them on their terms. We’re talking less about concrete parking spaces and more about the concrete places our drivers go for work, play and travel – and how it makes them feel. To us, it’s not about the spot. It’s about the space we create for life. From the mundane to the miraculous, we help our drivers get everywhere easier. We help them find joy, happiness, connection, and empowerment. The real superhero stuff!

Sure, we help our drivers pay less for premium spots and give them the convenience to reserve in advance on our app or website. But we’re more than that. Because they’re more than that. When we say our drivers are our heroes they truly are. They are caretakers, adventurers, innovators, life-changers, mentors, butt-kickers, and yes, they are also foodies. 

They SpotHero for that perfect cheesy slice of deep dish pizza or a delicious Chicago hot dog (sans ketchup of course). 

When family comes first, SpotHero for the first t-ball game or mom’s Sunday supper.

Moments with friends help them reconnect and restore. They SpotHero for big baseball games and get that perfect spot to watch the Cubs vs. Sox at Wrigley Field.  

Of course, all superheroes love adventure. They SpotHero for catching flights and new horizons. 

We all know that work never ends for a true superhero. They SpotHero to get there early for that important meeting or first job interview.  

And if they’re going to keep caring for others, they need to refuel themselves. They SpotHero for a 6am yoga class or a refreshing dog walk in the park. 

The real heroes are our drivers. Saves the Day is the heart of our promise. SpotHero saves our drivers money and time, but most importantly, moments.  With over $1 billion in parking reservations made, we know that behind every reservation is a one-in-a-million hero, a driver living the life they deserve, through the moments that matter. Moments that we’re proud of at SpotHero.  We’re so glad they made it.