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The Hero Guide to Chicago Bulls Parking

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Attendance at Chicago Bulls home games average at approximately 22,000 fans.  Since Chicago Bulls have made their home at United Center, this can create a bit of a pickle when it comes to parking.  United Center only provides for 6,000 parking spaces.  Those numbers don’t quite divide very nicely, do they?

So what is one to do for parking when attending a Chicago Bulls game?

Don’t fret!  There are many great parking options at and near United Center.  Read on to get the lowdown on parking for Chicago Bulls’ home games and discover how to find and compare rates on great United Center parking and reserve deep discounts, some as low as $5!

Parking at the United Center

Parking is available on all four sides of United Center.  Rates for United Center parking range from $20 to $37, depending on the lot you choose.  All parking at United Center is on a first come, first serve basis, so it is highly recommended that you arrive at least an hour early if you plan to park there.  Parking is limited, so if you arrive late, you are likely to find the lots all full.

Great, I arrived late and the lots are full.  Now what to do?

No worries, continue reading to learn about your other alternatives of parking for Chicago Bulls’ home games.  Besides, one caveat to parking at United Center is the long wait times to leave.  With everyone trying to leave at once, you can expect to wait in your car at least an hour, before even getting out of the lot.  It may be worth it just to park elsewhere and walk a little further to reach the game at United Center.

united center parking map

Free United Center Street Parking

Why pay for the cow, when you can get the milk for free?  There’s plenty of free parking within walking distance to United Center in the surrounding neighborhoods.  You can even view United Center directly from some of those open spaces.  With the right planning and keen awareness, you can easily find a safe place to stow your ride during the game.  Check out this map to discover where you can find free street parking near United Center.

One word of caution…pay attention to all signs when parking in residential neighborhoods.  Some have restrictions, such as during rush hour from 7 to 9am and 4 to 6pm, or school restrictions from 8am to 4:30pm.  Just keep your eyes peeled for signs and you should be fine.

Paid Parking Garages/Lots

Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable leaving your precious chariot on the mean streets of Chicago, while you’re at the game.  We don’t blame you.  Heck, this area has not garnered the best reputation, but honestly, it’s not as bad as it is rumored to be.

If you decide free street parking is not the thing for you, you’ll be tickled to learn that there are plenty of great parking options near United Center.  Click here to view a list of available parking near United Center and details for each option.  There, you can compare rates and even reserve good parking for Chicago Bulls’ home games at a great discount.  Sometimes you can even find parking for as low as $9, just 3 blocks away from United Center.  That sure beats paying $20 or more and having to wait an hour just to go home!

Where ever you decide to park, we are sure you will definitely  enjoy the atmosphere and game.  Go Bulls!

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