Hero SpotLight

At SpotHero, we love our customers. We love when we see others using the parking powers, and having a glorious parking experience. Whether it’s finding a better parking deal, or finding that downtown spot to get you to the show on time, the powers at work are a beautiful thing. SpotHero believes the time is right to share some stories from Heroes in the field, and our our first “Hero SpotLight” features long time user and friend, Anthony M, of Chicago.


Anthony M.
Home Town / Neighborhood:
Chicago/River North
First Car:
Ford Fairmont with blue racing stripe on the side
iPhone or Android?
Wait I can get a robot like Star Wars! All I have is an iPhone with auto-korrect!
SH: Tell us your worst parking story
This is kind of funny. I was in Santa Monica at the Third Street Promenade, which is a giant mall. I went back to my car and it was gone. I was totally freaking out. I even went to security and we drove around every level of the parking structure in a golf cart looking for it.  After searching every floor the security guard asked me if I might have parked in the other parking structure. What? So we drove over to it and there was my car. Oops! The security guard said it was a common mistake.  The best part was driving through the crowded mall in a security golf cart. I must have looked so cool!
SH: When did you first hear about SpotHero?
I saw it on a social media review site and then I thought…I need this kind of power. I even downloaded one of the first versions of the mobile app.  I remember I kept reloading the page looking for the cheapest parking in the city.  It seemed like a fun game at first.  
SH: How was your first experience?
I was so nervous because I thought I was going to get towed. I remember placing my receipt on my dashboard and taking a bunch of photos of my car in the lot. I wanted evidence I was legal or in compliance with the surface lot.  Upon my return, I was so happy to see my car was still there and I was instantly in love with SpotHero!
SH: Do you have a favorite location?
No because I love the gamble of finding the lowest parking rate. That is what makes it fun for me and its a great feeling to save six bucks and only walk 0.2 miles more.  I really do not understand why drivers would want to pay full price. 
SH: Whats your favorite thing about SpotHero?
It saves me money and its fun to use!