Your Parking Horoscope: How Leo Uses SpotHero

Leo: (July 23-August 22)

Ambitious, Brave, Consistent, Dazzling, Spirited

Leos are often in the spotlight—which is where they love to be! They love to shine, and you’ll likely see them at every party and outing they can find. While some may call Leos dramatic, really they are highly passionate, magnetic, and social people who crave connection. They are very loyal and reliable friends and partners, and they can only make those around them more brilliant!

Famous “Parkers”: Daniel Radcliffe (July 23), Barack Obama (August 4), Neil Armstrong (August 5), Madonna (August 16).

Leo Parking Style: Leo takes their favorite people on a fun outing, and of course, they book the cutest spot they can find. They may spend a few minutes on arrival getting some cute shots for their Instagram because the light is just perfect. Don’t worry, they will make sure everyone looks fabulous in the photos before posting and will hype their pals with praise in the comments.

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