How Much Is President Obama’s United Center Parking Pass Worth?

This week the Chicago Blackhawks were invited to the White House to celebrate their 2015 Stanley Cup Championship. They gave President Obama a custom Blackhawks jersey, but they weren’t done yet.

They also gave him a lifetime United Center parking pass. No strings attached. Obama knew the Hawks hooked him up big time.

Then he joked he might sell it on eBay.

We got to thinking–how much is it worth? To us, it’s priceless because we love parking. But in reality, here’s how we broke it down.

  • The United Center hosts more than 200 events a year.
  • United Center parking ranges from $20 (on SpotHero) to $29 in the United Center’s general lots. Let’s call it $25.
  • $25 x 200 events = $5,000
  • $5,000 a year x 26 years = $130,000

Here’s how we got 26 years. Obama is 54 years old. The average male life expectancy in the U.S. is 76. We’re gonna give Obama four more years, and hypothetically say he lives until he’s 80. If he lives longer, the pass is worth even more.

Conservatively, the parking pass is worth $100,000. That’s a lot of parking!

If Obama does sell it on Ebay, we can’t imagine the bidding war. After all…