How SpotHero Uses Customer Feedback to Create a Heroic Parking Experience

It’s Get to Know Your Customers Day! SpotHero works hard to ensure that we are communicating with our drivers and our Product team is responsible for incorporating your feedback to build the best parking experience possible. In celebration of today, here are a few innovations that were created with suggestions and feedback from SpotHero customers.

Saved Places

When our Product team spoke with customers that commute for work, one thing that was frequently requested was the ability to save important addresses in the app. SpotHero rolled out Saved places allowing users to do just that, either from the home screen or from the account settings. This feature lets users view available parking options in an area they frequently park without having to re-enter the address every time!

Quick Rebook

Another innovation created thanks to commuters, this feature allows a user to quickly make a new reservation at a favorite parking spot without having to search for it. Simply click “rebook” on the app’s home screen and select the desired times. If the spot is available, users can go right to the checkout screen and reserve their spot!

The Parking Pass

A few years ago, SpotHero users told our Product team something that they didn’t expect: users weren’t sure how to redeem their reservations! Redesigning the parking pass to better display redemption instructions helped users better understand how to manage and redeem their reservations. Plus, thanks to this insight, the Product team consistently works to improve parking pass design based on user feedback and minimize on-site confusion!

Touchless Filter

In the early days of the pandemic, many customers had a lot of questions about how to redeem their reservations when presented with big changes to their daily routine. Would they have to touch any surfaces when they arrived? Speak with an attendant? Hand over their mobile device? With so much uncertainty, SpotHero created the Touchless redemption filter to help customers have more peace of mind. Selecting this option while viewing available parking allows users to locate available parking facilities that don’t require touching buttons or surfaces, or interacting with a parking attendant.

Thank you for parking with us, and for providing great insight so we can keep giving drivers the right of way!