How To Find Your Car In A Parking Lot

We’ve all been there. You could have sworn you parked your car right here. But wait, was it over there? You’re turned around. A minor panic attack is settling in.


You can’t find your car – what do you do?

  1. Try to recall any distinguishing details about where you parked your car.
    • If in an open-space lot, were there any landmarks?
    • If in a multi-floor garage, do you remember the name/number/color of the floor? Did you walk down a lot of stairs or spend a long time on the elevator?
  2. If you have the Google Maps app, it might be able to help you retrace your steps. Phones automatically have your location information enabled. Unless you’ve turned it off, chances are Google has tracked your phone.To view your history, open the Google Maps app, tap “Your Timeline” in the menu, and select specific days to see a timeline of your movement.
  3. Figure out your license plate number. Call the parking garage’s phone number listed online. Some garages can try to locate vehicles via security footage.
  4. Worst case scenario – maybe your car was towed. Do a quick search on your phone’s web browser to find out your city’s towing protocol. Most cities provide a number you can call to learn if your car has been towed.


How to never lose your car in a parking lot again

  1. Take a photo of the floor name/number and parking spot number.
  2. Put something unique on your car, like a sticker or custom license plate.
  3. Download a car locator parking app.
    • Find My Car
      • Drop a pin when you park your car
      • Take a photo of spot and write notes in app
      • Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
      • $1.99 download fee
    • Car Locator
      • Mark location when you park
      • Know how long your car has been parked and your distance from the car
      • Take a photo of spot and write notes in app
      • Works with Android
      • $3.99 download fee
    • Find My Car Smarter
      • Drop a pin when you park your car
      • Know the distance to your car
      • Enable notifications for street-cleaning or when your meter is about to expire
      • Works with iPhone and iPad
      • Free download
  4. Purchase a car locator device