parking tip tuesday

Parking Tip Tuesday: How to Park on a Hill

Drivers Ed Flashback

We all remember the street sign tests, driving with our parents, hands on 10 & 2, although I think it’s 9 & 3 now? Drivers ed was a memory that sits well with all of us…right?! Well, I thought we could venture back together, and reminisce about parking on a hill. For all our San Francisco friends out there, i’m sure they will enjoy this, and maybe are already very well versed in hill parking! And for the rest of us, I know we’ve all forgotten about these key tips, so lets go back remember how to park on a hill

Parking Uphill

When parked along side the curb with your car on an incline, turn the front wheels away from the curb. Let your vehicle roll back slowly, allowing your wheels to come in contact with the curb, and using it as a block. This will help the car from rolling in the street if the brakes were to give way. 


Parking Downhill

When you are parking on any type of decline you want to turn your wheels towards the curb. Roll slowly until your front tire is using the curb as a block. This will again help the car not roll into the street if your brakes give way. 


Hill Parking With No Curb

Uh, oh! You say there is no curb where you are parking? Don’t fret, there is a way. Always remember if you are parking on a hill with no curb to turn your wheels to the right. This way, if your vehicle would happen to start rolling down or back, it will roll off the road and not into traffic. Always double check when you exit the car, as you can never be to careful.

Parking on a hill: Video Tutorial

Here is a quick video for all the visual learners out there. The gentleman explains why it is important to know which way your tires should be facing, both when you are parking uphill and downhill.