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How to Use a Parking Scanner with SpotHero

Here at SpotHero, our goal is to help you park smarter so that you can get where you’re going with ease. Scanner technology makes parking even easier, allowing you to scan in and out of parking garages using your mobile device. This technology speeds up the entry and exit process, making parking convenient and stress-free.

If you’ve reserved a parking spot with scanners, check out these top tips for easy redemption:

Scanner Redemption Instructions

To enter the parking facility, pull up to the scanner and use the QR code in your parking pass. The instructions to redeem this reservation will be under Things You Should Know:


scanner instructions

1) Look for a sign stating “Scan Barcode Here”. Scan your QR code at the white box on the left side of the ticket dispenser.

How to Use a Parking Scanner – Tips

Here are a few SpotHero pro tips on how to scan your QR code with ease:

  • Wait 15 minutes after booking your reservation before you attempt to scan into the garage. This will give the system time to update
  • Make sure you are not entering or exiting the garage outside your SpotHero reservation hours
  • Hold the QR code 2″ from the reader
  • Mobile device should be at a 75-degree angle, facing upwards (vs 90-degree)
  • Make sure the QR code is not getting cut off because of auto-rotation of the screen
  • Make sure the QR code isn’t too big…generally, smaller is better
  • If you ever have scanner issues, press the call assistance button. The attendant can lift the gate for you over the intercom



If you still have questions, give us a call at 844-324-7768. Our customer heroes are available 6am-11pm CST any day of the week!

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