How To Spend A Day In River North For Only $40

Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

Have you ever gone downtown and spent more money than you planned? Yep, me too. From paying for parking to eating great food to finding fun things to do–it all adds up.

But when I found out about SpotHero, I knew it was my ticket to exploring downtown Chicago on a budget. What better neighborhood to start in than River North? It has the highest density of restaurants, art galleries, and antique stores in the city.

So here’s how I spent a day in River North for only $40 – without skimping on awesomeness.


Six Hours Of Parking With SpotHero – $13


I got six hours of parking River North with Spothero for $13.

This is me, Carly. I parked my car for 6 hours in River North with SpotHero for only $13. Woo!

Breakfast At Beatrix – $16



First stop: Beatrix (519 N Clark St). I met up with a friend. She got the lemon pancakes. I splurged and went with the chicken tinga, a fresh-squeezed juice, and a coffee for $16. It was worth every penny.

Browsing The Golden Triangle – Free!



Next, I headed to  The Golden Triangle (330 N Clark St). I read it was one of the best antique stores in River North, so I knew I had to check it out. While buying something definitely would have ruined my budget, I loved browsing the space.

Map Of Chicago At P.O.S.H. – $5



P.O.S.H. (613 N. State Street) is as inviting as it looks. I found a cool map of Chicago ($5). I’m gonna hang in my apartment.

The Sweet Smells Of Freshly Made Cheese At Eataly – Free!




If you’ve never been to Eataly (43 E Ohio St), you gotta go. Cheese and wine? Yes, please! (Pro tip: read this guide to Eataly before you go.)


Window Shopping, Antique Stores, and Art Galleries – Free!



I found this architectural treasure tucked in between two new buildings. Places like this are why I love River North. It’s the perfect mixture of polished and unique.



Asian House of Chicago (549 N Wells St) is a really fun antique store.



I loved window shopping vintage Chanel at DouglasRosin (730 N Wells St).



River North has the densest selection of Art Galleries in Chicago.

CTA Back to My Car – $2.50



I walked a decent amount and needed to give my legs a break. I took the L to go back to my car ($2.50). The view isn’t too bad either.

Bow Truss Coffee – $4



To complete the afternoon, I ordered a pour over coffee ($4) at Bow Truss Coffee Roasters (406 N Wells St). Caffeine buzz? Check!


The Grand Total

Here’s a recap of my day by the dollar. Without SpotHero, I probably would have paid double for parking.

SpotHero parking for six hours $13

Breakfast at Beatrix $16

Map of Chicago poster $5

CTA Fare $2.50

Bow Truss coffee $4

Total including parking: $40.50 (Okay, it’s technically 50-cents over, but we’re not gonna sweat the small stuff.)

Have any other fun places in River North you like to check out? Let me know in the comments!