Inactive Online Parking Companies

List of Inactive Online Parking Companies

  • Spark Parking – Founded by Cooper Marcus, the company is no longer operating.  This is how SparkParking works.  Cooper’s current startup is called Wishery – tools for email support.
  • Car Harbor – Had an all star line up for an advisor board.  First and foremost was Craig Newmark.  (That’s the same Craig from the infamous Craig’s List).  Then there’s Scott Rafer, James Lazarus, Donald Shoup and one of our favorite bloggers and parking guru John Van Horn.  Car Harbor did market research, but never went live.
  • (UK) – Launched by 18 year old (at the time) entrepreneur Tom Page in 2007.  Tom Page stated that initial traction was good.  Had over 520 spaces listed across the UK, and was featured on BBC, and ITV.  YouCanPark Blog gives no indication as to what happened or why the site no longer exists.  What happened to
  • (San Francisco) Ryan Steward incorporated ParkMatch in 2006 but is no longer active. What happened to ParkMatch?
  • WrigleyFieldParkingSpot – A wonderfully done side project by Jeremy.  He took selling parking into his own hands by making the site.  He told me that it worked well but that the reason he is no longer listing Wrigleyvile Parking is because he no longer lives in the neighborhood.
  • HelloParking – They have a very detailed explanation of all the different pivots they tried along the way.  Very good read and a lot of lessons there.

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