Keeping your Car and Belongings Safe

SpotHero knows that the last thing anyone wants is to have items or even their car stolen. In 2020, 810,400 vehicles were stolen, the highest annual number of vehicles stolen since 2008, when 959,059 vehicles were stolen. Stay safe with these four tips to keep your car and belongings safe.

Old tricks are the best tricks

Simple safety measures go a very long way to keeping your car and belongings safe! Even if you only have to leave for a few minutes, don’t leave the car running. Lock your doors, roll up your windows, and always take your keys and valuables with you. It’s far better to spend five minutes being over-cautious than spend endless amounts of time dealing with missing items!

Shed some light on the situation

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. When parking in an unfamiliar place, opt for a spot that’s well-lit and easy to see whenever possible. It may sound straightforward, but it has a big impact—vehicles in plain sight are far less likely to fall victim to vandalism or theft.

Attention please!

Wherever and whenever you are parking, be aware of your surroundings. Research the area you plan to park in before arrival whenever possible, and when you park keep an eye out. For your own safety, don’t sit in your car for long periods of time, park and then get going. If you notice something doesn’t look or feel right, then consider parking somewhere else. Your gut is there for a reason, trust it!

Look into anti-theft devices

If you have to park in an area that has experienced an uptick in vehicle theft or vandalism, or if you have a vehicle type that has a high frequency of being stolen, it may be worth considering investing in extra anti-theft protection. A visible device like a steering wheel lock or a car cam can help deter theft and break-ins. More sophisticated options like vehicle tracking systems or immobilizing devices are also available, but may require professional installation. Be sure to explore all options to find what works best for you!

Know where you’re parking before you get there with SpotHero. Reserve your spot in advance today!