Long term parking chicago

Long Term Parking: Chicago

I can tell you this; the Second City does not have second rate parking. For those of you who live in the city, or have spent time here you know very well Chicago’s parking is expensive – some would say too expensive. This factor is just another hurdle the urban jungle brings to life. Parking meter rates continue to rise, and with recent CTA hikes there just doesn’t seem to be any hope within the city of Chicago. But wait – there is! Think…long term. Long term parking that is. Purchasing long term parking can mean spending just a few bucks a day, and when downtown meter rates have jumped to $6.75 an hour, that sounds like a deal. Below are a few locations and parking options to get you started on finding a long term parking space in Chicago. Happy Parking!

Downtown Long Term Parking 

The most searched and of course the most expensive long term parking options in Chicago are around the downtown area. With monthly rates as high as $400 dollars a month, things can get pricey. Luckily, the SpotHero team has been tracking down low parking rates for lots and garages all around the downtown area.

One of our brand new long term parking options just south of downtown is 510 West Taylor Street. It’s just $95 a month, and is walking distance from the Sears Tower (Willis Tower) and the heart of the loop!

Here are a few of our best locations for long term parking near downtown Chicago.

113 N. Wells – $200/month | 212 W. Washington – $275/month | 130 N. Garland – $230/month

River North / Mag Mile Long Term Parking

Chicago’s River North neighborhood is one of the most vibrant in the city. Overlapping the famed Magnificent Mile of Michigan Avenue there is more foot traffic here than any other neighborhood during evenings and weekends. With shopping, restaurants, business and attractions by the dozen, there can be a few issues with parking options. Here are a few to get you started, but make sure to check out all the options over at SpotHero.com.

540 N. State – $100-$189/month |  300 N. State -$180/month | 71 E. Wacker – $200/month

Lincoln Park / Lakeview Long Term Parking

A few miles north of downtown lies the Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods. Trendy hipsters, yuppies and young families inhabit this fashionable part of Chicago that attracts crowds thanks to the shopping, dinning options and of course – Cubs games. SpotHero has some great options around both. Below are a few of our favorites, but make sure to check out more options for Lincoln Park and Lakeview on SpotHero.com! 

1840 N. Clybourn – $129/month1628 N. Dayton – $75/month944 W. Belmont – $75/month

More Long Term Parking Options

The top spots listed above were just the tip of the ice berg for long term parking options within the city of Chicago. A city dominated by various neighborhoods with their own distinct personalities calls for many parking locations. Also, if you are looking for long term parking near O’Hair Airport, we’ve got you covered as well!  Below are more of our popular locations – happy parking! 

Navy Pier Long Term Parking | South Loop Long Term Parking  |  West Loop Long Term Parking | Gold Coast Long Term Parking | Wicker Park Long Term Parking