National Cat Day: Meet SpotHero’s Feline Friends!

Cozy fall days are here, time for our four-legged friends to curl up in warm spots and snooze the day away! In honor of National Cat Day on October 29, SpotHero asked resident cat companions to share pics and facts about their feline family members:

Name: Alfred

Residence: Toronto, ON

Hobbies: Eating and sleeping.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: The cat warmer, AKA the stereo receiver, because it’s toasty.

Name: Belle

Residence: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Chirping at birds outside, leading the humans to her food bowl, and waiting for her food to dispense.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: The sock drawer.

Name: Boris

Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Hobbies: Staring at birds and squirrels, terrorizing his humans for wet food, finding new and creative nooks around the house for naps.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: The headboard on his human’s bed.

Name: Chester

Residence: Toronto, ON

Hobbies: Parkour, chasing sunbeams.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: Fluffy mat under the coffee table, or his human’s lap— provided they will sit still long enough for a quality snooze.

Name: Chonu

Resides: Streamwood, IL

Hobbies: Hiding under the bed and spooking unsuspecting people, playing tag with (but not harming) local chipmunks.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: Inside the basement ceiling.

Name: Gabbana

Residence: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Midnight runs through the house.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: The top of any couch in the house!

Names: Jasper and Oliver (aka Trashboi and Smollini)

Residence: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Running up and down the stairs.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: Their favorite chair, now known as “The Cat Chair.”

Name: Kumo

Resides: Toronto, ON

Hobbies: Following his human everywhere.

Favorite “Purr” Spot:  Anywhere he can lay down by the window and look outside.

Name: Marvin

Residence: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Bugging his “frenemy” Stevie.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: Any cardboard box regardless of size.

Name: Stevie

Residence: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Growling at her “frenemy” Marvin, communicating with ghosts.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: The softest blanket she can find.

Marvin and Stevie, frenemies for life.

Name: Milton

Residence: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Chaos, yelling at birds.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: The balcony.

Name: Onyx

Residence: Toronto, ON

Hobbies: Playing pranks.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: As close to his human as possible— without being touched.

Name: Sloane

Residence: Washington, D.C.

Hobbies: Eating, and waiting by the automatic cat feeder to eat.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: Being curled up in her bed next to her human’s head!

Names: Snooki and October 

Residence: Washington, D.C.

Hobbies: Cuddling.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: Each other’s arms.

Name: Stormy

Residence: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Watching birds, waking her humans up in the morning so they will scratch her ears.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: Stretched out on top of all the softest pillows and blankets.

Name: Theo

Residence: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Playing fetch, people-watching from his cat tree, and opening and closing the cabinet doors.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: His human’s lap.

Names: Vinny and Wednesday

Residence: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Cat napping and playing with catnip.

Favorite “Purr” Spot: As close to their humans as they can possibly get.

Happy National Cat Day!