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National Park(ing) Day – Park Your Creativity

Creating a Fun Public Space One Parking Spot at a Time

At SpotHero, our parking experts are focused on making life easier for drivers. We’re also keeping you updated on exciting parking events and news. Cars take a back seat today to highlight sustainability and creativity of pedestrians. Today is National Park(ING) day and parking spots around the world are turned into temporary parks. It’s a day each year when people all around the world come together to create a fun public space, one parking space at a time. Park(ing) Day has turned into a global movement.


Park(ing) Day launched in San Francisco in 2005 and is an annual worldwide event where artists and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks and spaces. The event highlights park space needs in urban areas. The annual event occurs on the third Friday in September and takes place in nearly 200 cities around the world. How Do I Participate? The best way to participate in Park(ing) Day is to design and build a park. You should be aware of your local regulations and do your best to stay within the law. 3 Reasons Why You Should Participate in

National Park(ing) Day

  1. Transform wasted space
  2. It’s environmentally friendly
  3. National Park(ing) Day is intended to promote creativity and civic engagement

New York City

New Yorkers will flock the streets of Manhattan today to re-purpose metered parking spaces into whimsical parks. Grab your friends and start your meters! Look out for mini-parks to pop up all over Manhattan.

Washington DC

This is the first year DC is participating in National Park(ing) Day and is highlighting sustainability efforts as part of car free day. More than 20 parking spaces in DC are being turned into temporary parks. It’s a way for DC to engage people in the transportation system. In DC spaces will be sponsored for conversion of six-hour temporary parks.