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Networking in New York: Tourism and Parking in Manhattan

Jeremy Smith, Co-Founder of SpotHero attends Crain’s New York Business Tourism in the City Event


For a company to grow, establish a presence in a new market and prosper, it must create a lasting impression on the people in the city. Networking is an essential aspect to getting to know the market and understanding the needs and wants of people.

Jeremy Smith, Co-Founder of SpotHero has temporarily moved to the East Coast to help launch the company in New York. He’s determined to help make life easier for the daily driver in Manhattan. Networking is an essential aspect of building long lasting relationships and building awareness and credibility for a company. Jeremy was presented with the exciting opportunity to attend the Crain’s New York Business event with leading tourism experts and learned more about how tourism is continuing to drive and reshape the New York economy. In late September, he attended the event and had the chance to hear from top industry experts speaking on topics from restaurants to hotels.

Tourism and Parking in NYC

Tourism is a very important part of the NYC market. The Hospitality industry is very dependent on the tourists coming to spend money.

From his networking, Jeremy realized SpotHero could help with tourism in New York by helping to enhance the experience of a visitor to NYC. There are a number of current movements focused on retaining tourists and SpotHero could help. By helping to education tourists about the parking options in NYC, SpotHero could help recommend and identify where to go.

The Best Networking Tips

  • Be Yourself — To excel at networking, start of by being yourself, light and informal and ask people about themselves and what they do. At events, most people you meet are eager to share their story, talk about their company and you will learn quickly about them, what they need and if you can help them in anyway
  • Ditch the sales pitch — Remember, networking is all about relationship building. You’re attending events to build up your personal network
  • Smile — Don’t forget to always smile