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New Chicago Parking Tax

City OK’s Flat Tax for Parking

The city said A-OK to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s flat tax proposal. Starting July 1, there will be a flat tax of 20% on the weekdays, and 18% on the weekends for parking in Chicago. The current tax plan charges customers a max of $5 on parking fees of $12 or more. The $5 max even holds true for high priced hotel parking options coming in at $50 a night. The new tax plan has some happy, and other angry, but what else is new when it comes to taxes, right? 

Hotel Goers Hit the Hardest

Tourists and business trip goers will be hit the hardest with this flat tax plan. On average, downtown Chicago hotel overnight parking is around $43, with some charging upwards of $50+ a night. This means some parkers will be shoveling out $8-$10 a day just in parking taxes. 

Defenders of the tax claim it is a fair playing field, and if you choose to park in a premium location and premium service then you will be taxed accordingly. Others agree that parking rates in this city are just too damn high

Free Hotel Parking

Some downtown hotels will not at all be hit by this tax, because they offer FREE parking! Check out this popular SpotHero blog post that features free downtown hotel parking. Another option to find better rates on downtown parking, is to use alternative lots and garages. If your hotel is offering parking over night, but at a very high rate, browse for a lot nearby that might be at a better rate. Feel free to browse around for the best deal!

Chicago Hotel Parking

Below are some quick links for popular hotels in the downtown Chicago area. If you do not see your hotel, feel free to browse the SpotHero website to search. 

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